My Goals


What I need to accomplish this semester is math and my writing. I need to study and improve my math and writing. But sometimes I get frustrasted with math. I want to get better at my math. I want to study writing too. Sometimes I have hard time writing a paragraph. When I  write a paragraph I also get frastrated. I make little mistakes in my writing. I also have a hard time pronouncing words in my writing. I would like to get better at my writing. What I like the most this semester was U.S. History, because it was very interesting. I liked the part about WW II and about what happened in  California. The most interesting part was how the terroist destroyed the World Trade Center of New York. I would like to move forward in my future.

The Nixon Library


What I liked about the Nixon Library. It’s really nice inside the library. We strolled every were around the library. The library was very huge. The thing I liked about the library is it has a nice garden outside. The most interesting part of the library water pond outside library. I also saw a lot of history about the presidents. It included information about when they were young. I also saw a few pictures at the library. I really enjoyed the library. Someday I would like to visit the Nixon Library.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


When I first read this book it was really good. It’s about how Dr. Jekyll tried to create magic drugs. He wanted to know exactly how those magic drugs worked. He poured a white powder into a glass with red liquid. It smoked and boiled. He knew that he might die with this drug. When he drank it he felt a lot of pain. Obviously the pain stopped. He discovered something new. He looked into the mirror and he was different now. He turned into a smaller man. He turned into Edward Hyde. Edward Hyde was drinking a lot of the magic drug. Dr. Jekyll wanted to control Hyde. He did not want to take drugs, because he might die. Finally, Edward got back to normal. He stopped drinking the drugs

My Friend

I miss my friend Javier. I remember that Javier and I used to play handball or basketball at the park. But sometimes I played games or watched TV at his house. When we got bored at the house we went out to places like the Block of Orange. I also hang out with brother. His brother and I rode bikes in the neighborhood or skateboarded. When I moved away from the apartment I didn’t really get to see him anymore. But I get to visit him whenever I feel like it.  For  this reason Javier is my good friend.

Martin Luther King


Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His birthday is on January 15, 1929. Martin was the first son. Martin likes learning from his father. He wants to be just like his father. Martin Luther King began his education at the Young Street Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King graduated from elementary school. Then, he attended Atlanta University Laboratory School and Booker T. Washington High School. Martin Luther King had to advanced to Morehouse College without formally graduating from B T. Washington. Martin Luther King had to skip ninth and twelfth grade. Dr. King entered Morehouse at the age 15. Until Martin Luther King was 19 year old he attended Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1955 Martin Luther King completed Ph. D degrees from Boston College. He earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systematic Theology. Martin Luther King told two kids not to fight each together at the playground. Martin Luther King was shot while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968. His Mother always celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday. She wanted everybody to remember him.

About My Future

My goal is try to finish my reading course. I’m also trying to get my high school diploma. I really want to advance. I really would like to have a better job working in a store. My long-term goal is  to study about computers. I want to try hard at school. I actually want to support my family. I want to have a better future.

By Anthony


I would like to visit Yosemite Nation Park. It is pleasant and relaxing. I would like to see the trees in the park. I want to see the waterfall at the mountain. I also would like to climb the mountain to see how tremendous it is. I would like to stroll to see the lake and the river. It is a great place to visit, Yosemite National Park, because it is very huge to see the whole view of the park.

A Star and Several Planets


Our Solar System consist of eights planet and a star. Mecury is are the closest planet to sun.  It can be very hot to the sun. Also it can be very cold at night. Mecury can rotate very slowly.  Jupiter is the biggest planet in the our Solar System . Jupiter is 1,000 time larger than the planet Earth. Jupiter is made up mostly of gasses it is rock and solid. The Sun is a star. The Sun is only star in the Solar System. It can can get over 27,oo,oo degress fahrenheit. All the planets rotate around the sun. The Earth is one of the smallest planets. Our moon is big. It is a Satalite on the top of the earth. The satalite works for many thing like phone. The Surface of the earth has water, basalt, and granite rock. The distance from Earth and Sun is 142 million miles way. Naptune is the eighth planet from the sun. That is the fourth largest planet. The blue planet of the Neptune is made of gas. Neptune has the fastest winds in the Solar System reaching 2000 km/hour. The surface temperature is a mere 38 degress celsuis. It has a white cloud fill the bounder between the dark spot. It was about half the size as Jupiter’s great red spot (about the same diameter as earth). Neptune’s wind sblew the great dark spot westward at 300 meters/second (700 mph).  I like the planets because they are really amazing.

about Me


My name is Anthony. I was born in Mexico. I came to the United States when I was 6. I went to elementary school. The best thing I like about going to elementary school was playing at school. When I went to 5th and 6th grades I really enjoyed playing games and the entertainment at school. I also liked the field trips because we went in June. When I lived in my old town I definitely played sports with my friends. We also rode bicycles around their apartments. I usually played handball at the park by myself. My family and I went to the  park during the weekend to hang out and relax. We got to play soccer at the park. I had a lot of fun in past.